Seems funny to even need to address this, but some folks are obsessed with it, so here’s my take.

  • If you’re just browsing through, I’m not collecting any identifiable data about you.
  • If you choose to register or comment, then you choose the amount of information you provide. At a minimum I’ll have access to whatever name you give, plus your email address and likely an ISP number (not that I’d have a clue what to do with that).
  • What do I do with that info?
    • When/if I do a mini-contest or small-prize giveaway through the site, I use it to contact you.
    • I may use it to correspond with you if there’s something I think we should chat about.
    • I do NOT sell, give, or share it with any other person(s) or organization.
    • I’m not really promoting anything other than a love for travel, so it’s unlikely that I’d ever use your contact info to offer you anything.

So there you go, privacy wonks. If you have questions, contact me.

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