5 more faves from Randall Shirley

I believe everyone who travels to Vancouver, Canada, should try at least one of these eateries.
1. Vij’s
2.Raincity Grill

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

Vancouver Cruise Ship

There are tons of great places to see Vancouver – for the best views of the city, here are my favorites::

1.By seaplane…
2.Top of Grouse Mountain…
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As Seen on TV! Watch as I discuss places I never really wanted to go, and how I learned to enjoy them.

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

Red Dragon Cardiff Castle
Sometimes travel takes you places you never wanted to go. I’ve learned that anyplace can be interesting! Here are 5 places I never wanted to travel that turned out to be great experiences:

1. Houston, Texas…
2. Cardiff, Wales…

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb.

Australia is high on many travelers’ check-list. While it didn’t (and still doesn’t) top mine, there are some amazing things to do there. Here are my top 5:

1.Experience the Great Barrier Reef…
2.Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge…

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

Those of you who don’t travel for a living may say this list is just a bunch of boo-hoo, but if you traveled as much as I do (and I’m not even a super road warrior) you’d begin to find serious complaints in the system. Since last post was about trends I love, here are 5 un-faves.

1.Airports that make me clear security multiple times.
2.Airports that make it difficult to use their “free” Wi-Fi. Two offenders identified!

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

Randall on Plane.

While there’s a lot of bitching and moaning about many bad trends in travel — especially among road warriors like me — I’m happy to say there are plenty of things happening that I actually like. Check them out.

  1. Airlines upcharging for the exit row and other “legroom seats.”
  2. Free Wi-Fi at McDonald’s and Starbucks.

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

A friend just asked for my 5 favorite places to eat in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Since I used to live there and still travel there a fair amount, I do have some solid suggestions…and despite the city’s “Cowtown” nickname, none of them are steakhouses.

1. Leo Fu’s
2. Mango Shiva

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

Cabo Mexico Cruise
It’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and many of us are craving to get away. While “sun” destinations are on a lot of minds, there are other great options. Personally, I’m gonna get some of both…starting with:

1. A Mexico cruise. The Love Boat made this itinerary famous
2. Europe. It’s low season there, things are less crowded

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in the USA and fellow American expats around the globe. Many people may have different faves from mine; feel free to add yours in the “comments” space:

1.New York City, Broadway…
2.Taipei, Taiwan…

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