• What is “5 Faves?”
  • 5 Faves is a site developed in response to many friends, family, and associates constantly asking me travel-related questions like:
  • What are your favorite things to do in New York?
  • Where should I take my spouse for our anniversary?
  • What’s your favorite airline?
  • Who are you?
  • I’m a travel writer, photographer, and TV personality based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Learn more about me here.
  • How do you pick the topics for your lists?
  • The only common thread to my lists is that they are travel-focused, meaning things a person is likely to engage in when traveling for any reason, or would be curious about as a traveler. Beyond that, I pick lists based on recent conversations, current events, or just my own brainstorming.
  • Do I have to stay “on topic” if I want to comment about my faves?
  • Yes, please — when commenting on a 5faves list, please stay on the topic. You are welcome to ask questions and build conversation, and please mention at least one of your own faves on the topic!
  • I have an idea for a 5faves list; how can I get Randall to start the topic?
  • Easy. Include it as a comment, or email it to me using the contact page.
  • What happened to the old RandallShirley.com?
  • It’s gone for a while, but you will gradually see links to old favorites like my photos and “how to beat Priceline” tutorial return on 5faves.com.
  • Is there a big corporation behind this site?
  • Not unless somebody offers me a big chunk of money. It’s just me, Randall Shirley.

Please add your fave, or your 5 faves on this topic