5 more faves from Randall Shirley

I travel a lot, and much of it is for old-fashioned work–staying in hotels which are essentially my temporary home and office.

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

Air North 737
I haven’t flown every carrier in North America. But the first airline on my list has done so much to earn my love and loyalty that it’s hard to justify ever leaving them when I don’t have to. I have flown all the airlines included below fairly recently.
1. Alaska Airlines
2. Air North

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

1. Never needing to buy soap because we have so many bars from hotels.
2. Having elite frequent flyer status on an airline.

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb.

Australia is high on many travelers’ check-list. While it didn’t (and still doesn’t) top mine, there are some amazing things to do there. Here are my top 5:

1.Experience the Great Barrier Reef…
2.Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge…

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

Those of you who don’t travel for a living may say this list is just a bunch of boo-hoo, but if you traveled as much as I do (and I’m not even a super road warrior) you’d begin to find serious complaints in the system. Since last post was about trends I love, here are 5 un-faves.

1.Airports that make me clear security multiple times.
2.Airports that make it difficult to use their “free” Wi-Fi. Two offenders identified!

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

Randall on Plane.

While there’s a lot of bitching and moaning about many bad trends in travel — especially among road warriors like me — I’m happy to say there are plenty of things happening that I actually like. Check them out.

  1. Airlines upcharging for the exit row and other “legroom seats.”
  2. Free Wi-Fi at McDonald’s and Starbucks.

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

Cabo Mexico Cruise
It’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and many of us are craving to get away. While “sun” destinations are on a lot of minds, there are other great options. Personally, I’m gonna get some of both…starting with:

1. A Mexico cruise. The Love Boat made this itinerary famous
2. Europe. It’s low season there, things are less crowded

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in the USA and fellow American expats around the globe. Many people may have different faves from mine; feel free to add yours in the “comments” space:

1.New York City, Broadway…
2.Taipei, Taiwan…

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I’m giving away a voucher for a luxury getaway to the Silver Reef Hotel – Casino – Spa in the Bellingham, Washington area. Click below for details and your chance to win!

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

Dollywood Boots
Fellow travel writer Anne Kostalas and I were discussing our many weird travel experiences. We decided post them together on both our sites (Photo of Dollywood Boots, © Anne Kostalas):

1. Drinking Cobra Venom…
2. Sleeping on Buffalo Shit….
3. Jack the Ripper Tour… Read about all 5!

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