5 more faves from Randall Shirley

Every destination has its hidden gems—places that locals know, but many travelers never find. Having lived in the Vancouver area for many years, here are five Vancouver secrets: Stanley Park trails. Most Vancouver visitors will see Stanley Park, but they’ll only see it from a tour van (or bus or trolley), or from the seawall. […]

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

Vancouver Cruise Ship

There are tons of great places to see Vancouver – for the best views of the city, here are my favorites::

1.By seaplane…
2.Top of Grouse Mountain…
See more!

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

Red Dragon Cardiff Castle
Sometimes travel takes you places you never wanted to go. I’ve learned that anyplace can be interesting! Here are 5 places I never wanted to travel that turned out to be great experiences:

1. Houston, Texas…
2. Cardiff, Wales…

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

Time for a Beach Read?

When I was about to take my first round-the-world trip, I asked a friend what he suggested I read. He said, “always try to read something that could have happened where you are going.”:

1. Robinson Crusoe…
2. Around the World in 80 Days…
Read about all five!

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

There are lots of shows on Broadway, see one on a rainy day.

I’ve been rained on in destinations around the world. Here are my five favorite things I’ve done on a rainy travel day, which you can easily adapt to wherever you are:

1. Find a window seat in a cosy café…
2. Visit a bathhouse….
3. See a live theatre or music matinee… Read about all 5!

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

Bellingham, Washington.

Toss some things in a bag, grab whatever family you’re obligated to take, and try one of my favorite road trips (they’re near places I’ve lived…where are yours?):

1. West Yellowstone, Montana…
2. San Diego, California….
3. Three Valley Gap & Revelstoke, BC… Read all 5!

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By Randall Shirley Successful blogger the Brooklyn Nomad recently created a list of 10 handy iPhone travel apps. Bravo, the list is great, and I learned from it! But it also made me reflect and long for a time when none of this fancy-schmanzy technology existed to assist travelers. When I started traveling, and it […]

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

My list of favorite current (2010) TV shows related to travel. What are yours?

1. The Amazing Race
2. Mayday….
3. Anthony Bourdain’s No ReservationsRead all 5!

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

Ile d’Orleans Produce.

I did a state-by-state recount and discovered there are just 5 states to go! That makes all of them faves (in the order I’ll likely visit them):

1. Glacier Skiing at Whistler, British Columbia, in July!…
2. Cruise with Polar Bears in the Canadian Arctic….
3. The foodie drive on Quebec’s Ile d’Orleans… Read all 5!

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5 more faves from Randall Shirley

Flying upside down.
Some crazy things I’ve done in airplanes…or less. Have you ever done anything crazy in the air? Comment please!

1. Loop-the-loops in a Tiger Moth over Australia’s Great Ocean Road…
2. Hang Gliding over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil…
3. Flying over glaciers, mountains, and lakes in Vancouver…

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