I have to confess, moving to the suburbs has made it harder for me to try Vancouver food trucks, which are mostly lunchtime operations. Luckily, one of the best ones, Re-up BBQ, has their main kitchen and permanent restaurant just steps from my condo in New Westminster’s River Market. Their food is awesome.

Here’s my list of faves so far…

La Brasserie. Holdy cluck: did someone say the best chicken sandwich on earth? Yes, I did. And I’m not alone in my praise of the birdy brilliance slipped between soft buns. They brine the chicken, then include beer in the cooking process. It is tender and gravy-licious beyond words…and even better once they slip on the crispy onions and tuck it into a soft bun. It’s all they sell at the cart (they do have a very good sit-down restaurant at 1091 Davie Street) and whoever thought it up was one clever clucker.

Roaming Dragon. If you think Asian fusion has seen it’s heyday, a visit to this truck will remind you why it’s so much fun to get Korean bulgogi in a taco, or pork belly in a Chinese “bao” bun. Always delicious and filling–I wish they had mix-n-match combo option! Website.

Tacofino. In a country not known for good Mexican food (although that’s slowly changing), Tacofino brings us outstanding product. The fish taco is the thing, and is as good as fish tacos get. The texture of the white fish is right, and the flavours pop. Website,

Re-up BBQ. It’s porky goodness in a bun. And it kicks ass. Generally parked at the Vancouver Art Gallery, this truck usually has a line up and for good reason. Vancouverite’s have discovered they make a pulled pork sandwich as good as it gets, with the right combo of sweet ‘n tangy ‘n tart, and the creamy slaw to run down your hands and get into your jewelry. It’s so good you just don’t care, and you can eat it on the steps of the museum. Website

Go Fish. Technically, not a street truck at all; rather it’s a hut of sorts, and is in a permanent location. But it’s street food, so to me it counts. Go Fish is located at Vancouver’s Fisherman’s Wharf, in easy walking distance of Granville Island, and the fish comes off the nearby boats. The fish and chips get raves, but if a local scallop sandwich is on the menu, prepare yourself for nirvana. Website

All that said, having just taken a couple of trips to Portland, Oregon, Vancouver’s street food scene is decidedly behind the times. I wish our government would get out of the way, and let the food truck culture develop organically instead of trying to manage and regulate everything about it. But alas, this is Vancouver, situated in BC. Regulations are a favourite sport here.

Luckily, for now, the trucks we do have are very good. But good luck finding them without a guide or the iPhone app available here.

Please add your fave, or your 5 faves on this topic